Back in November 2016, we founded The App Club at University of Malaya. We focus on a super small group of students, to push students upwards, to try. That's where they will realize "I'm not as bad as I thought" OR "everyone else isn’t as good as I assumed". Then try again, and again, and again.

We need a push. App Club is the push. So, what drives us to care about this?

The fact that the difference between an inspirational student and a cautious one is often not their knowledge or expertise, but rather their confidence. Example: A cautious student may say: "I'm NOT joining that competition because I'm not good enough", while an inspirational student will say: "I AM joining that competition because I'm not good enough!" referring to the exact same competition. It's not what we are but we're going to be that matters, and if one day we can successfully transfer only this one simple message to the community, we'd say "We succeeded".

— originally published as Founder's note on our Facebook page.

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